Hannah Moore
I'm an artist based out of Delaware. It's good to meet you!
Let's start with the name: hArtxHannah (heart by Hannah). 
As a professional artist, I feel strongly that my work should come from the heart. The name, therefore, is not only witty and (hopefully) charming, but it serves as a personal reminder to myself, reiterating the importance of loving what you do.

My artistic background is wide and varied. Having studied musical theater in college, I am also a performer, but visual art has always been a part of my creative makeup. As an artist I aim for connection, beauty, and simplicity in every project (and a touch of silliness when appropriate! Why create if you aren't having fun doing it?). Those qualities are also values in my everyday life. As they say, art imitates life, so it's only fitting that those values have come to define my artistic style.

I believe art has the power to start conversations and insight change. My goal as a designer is to work with businesses to create branding that is recognizable, affecting (on both conscious and subconscious levels), and specific.

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